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The Democratic Unionist Party is the largest and strongest political party in Northern Ireland. We have a team of thirty six members and at Stormont, its our business to make Northern Ireland a success and deliver for the people we represent. The 2005 General Election saw our Westminster representation grow to nine MP's and three Peers in the House of Lords.


The DUP will not support the proposed Irish language Legislation. This was a proposal made by the two Governments creation of any and was never agreed to or even discussed with us. As a result of the changes we secured on the decision making process in the Assembly, the Irish Language legislation would require unionist support in the Executive.

We will work with the Republic of Ireland on matters of mutual concern but we will not tolerate any undermining of our constitutional position. In all our dealings with the Republic Of Ireland we will ensure an outcome that not only delivers for the people of Northern Ireland but recognises the reality that Northern Ireland remains an integral part of the United Kingdom.

The DUP are a party that you can trust to keep our word, and the Party to provide strong and united leadership for Unionism.


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