Hilditch Looks For Support For FG Wilson Staff PDF Print E-mail

David Hilditch

I thank the Minister for his response.  I welcome the good news element to the response that he has brought to the House.  There was a very high level of skill among agency workers employed at the various sites.  Can the Minister assure the House that there will be equality across the workforce for such opportunities?

Stephen Farry (Alliance)

I thank Mr Hilditch for that supplementary.  He says that this is good news.  It is some good news in that we are beginning to make progress in reassigning workers to other forms of work, but, of course, we must appreciate that we still have a long way to go in that respect.  I am happy to give him the assurance regarding equality in how we treat all those who are affected by the FG Wilson redundancies.  We have a clear self-interest in doing this, beyond our overriding requirements, in that the workers are skilled.  They have a lot to offer to the future of the economy, and it is important that we fully capture the opportunity to redeploy those workers in a productive way, rather than to have them fall into unemployment.  For all those reasons, I give the Member the commitment he is looking for.