Questions the Minister on the Progress on the Flood Alleviation Scheme at Sullatober PDF Print E-mail

David Hilditch asked the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for an update on the alleviation works on the Sullatober Water in Carrickfergus. (AQO 2657/11-15)

Michelle O'Neill (Sinn Féin)

 I am pleased to inform my colleague that the Sullatober flood alleviation scheme, which provides protection to 28 properties, was completed in September.  The area of park occupied during the construction of the scheme has also been fully reinstated and is open to the public.

David Hilditch (DUP)

That was a necessary and welcome project.  However, a four-month project took 13 months to be delivered on the ground.  What were the financial implications of that nine-month delay?

Michelle O'Neill (Sinn Féin)

The scheme involved a considerable amount of earthworks, and the prolonged wet weather we experienced meant that the works took longer than originally anticipated.  Additional works were also required to reinforce the banks of the pond, and staff were diverted from the project to deal with the impacts of flooding elsewhere.

I am pleased to say that the original estimated cost at the project's feasibility stage was £350,000 and we were able to deliver the project for £250,000.  That is, obviously, a good news story