Hilditch Alarms Justice Minister of the Anti- Social Behaviour Figures PDF Print E-mail

David Hilditch asked the Minister of Justice for his assessment of the findings of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency’s district policing partnership survey 2010. 


“I thank the Minister for his initial response. With the shockingly high figure of 40% of respondents citing antisocial behaviour as an identified issue, will the Minister undertake to investigate the work of the YMCA-led Bridge project, which is in my constituency, and review its excellent evaluation results? As funding through the CSPs runs out, will he also investigate the valuable work that they do, which could, perhaps, be sustainably funded?”



Minister for Justice David Ford responds

“I assure the Member that I read with interest reports on a number of different initiatives that are undertaken by CSPs and voluntary organisations in different areas. If he is asking me to give a guarantee for the continuation of funding, I cannot do that. However, it is vital to ensure that we get the best possible results for the money that is expended. I am fully aware that, in many cases, that is done through voluntary organisations such as the YMCA.



Hilditch Continues To Fight For Improved Healthcare Facilities in Carrickfergus PDF Print E-mail

During oral question time in the Assembly Mr David Hilditch asked the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety if he could confirm that negotiations are ongoing between the various agencies on the provision of improved health facilities in Carrickfergus. (AQO 286/11)

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Mr Michael McGimpsey responded by saying "As part of the business case process, a number of discussions have taken place between the Department, the trust and various agencies. As the Member is aware, my Department faces huge financial pressures on its capital and revenue budgets. When the position becomes clearer, I will have to look closely at my entire capital budget, before deciding which projects will be delivered and the time frame for completing those schemes. Such projects include the development of any new health and care facilities in Carrickfergus",

Mr Hilditch commented "I declare an interest as a Councillor and chairman of Carrickfergus Borough Council estates management committee. There is a fear locally that things have gone quiet. However, the Minister is aware of the enthusiasm and desire of local government to participate as landowners and potential partners in any future scheme. Will the Minister ensure that the lines of communication are improved and maintained to the highest level during future negotiations?"

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety "I am happy to give that assurance to Mr Hilditch. I am aware of his interest, and he of mine, in the project because of the partnership element with local government in taking forward primary care. A health and care centre is one of the important tools for making progress in primary care. I am happy to keep the Member up to date.

It was my intention to go forward with that project, as it was with others. However, everything is now on hold pending the capital allocation that we receive, and we have heard different reports about major cuts to the capital allocation. Members will also be aware that the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) did comparatively badly on capital for the first three years of the investment strategy for Northern Ireland but gained somewhat in the following three years. I am looking closely at that to ensure that DHSSPS makes gains, but we have to await the outcome of the CSR."

3.15 pm


Concerned with the Illegal Raves PDF Print E-mail

 As part of a written Assembly Question David asked the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development “What steps she was taking to prevent illegal rave parties being held in our forests”   Minister Gildernew responded by saying she was aware of the raves and was taking action to prevent unauthorised vehicular usage of forest roads, she also gave her assurance that forest officers will note any indication of a party which will be referred to local managers for their attention and any anti social activities will be passed to the PSNI and Environmental Health Officers for appropriate action.  David welcomed her response, “I am proud of the forest areas we have in Carrickfergus, I want to see them used by walkers, fishermen and others who enjoy outdoor pursuits and not destroyed by the likes of anti-social behaviour, I encourage the Minister and her Department to do all that she can to protect them”








                                                                                               . ”

Hilditch Urges Roads Service To Find a New Contractor PDF Print E-mail

David Hilditch has raised his concern with regards to Roads Service having no contractor available to repair and replace street lighting in Carrickfergus.  It appears that the previous contractor was released and no arrangements are in place for a new contractor to take over this work.


“I urge Roads Service to find a new contractor as soon as possible given the fact that winter is coming and we have some 11,000 householders in Carrickfergus who are paying rates, it is unfair to expect them to go without lighting during the Winter months.  Our constituents have the right to street lighting outside their homes or whilst travelling in their cars and walking along our roads.   I have written to Road Service, expressed my concerns and I am hopeful they will be able to resolve the matter sooner rather than later.









                                                                                               . ”







Questions the Social Development Minister on Social Housing PDF Print E-mail

David Hilditch questions the Minister for Social Development:  "How many social housing units were completed in Carrickfergus in the 2009/10 financial year".

Thanks to the work of my predecessor who made the increased provision of housing her first and foremost priority, last year we started more new homes than anytime before in the last decade.

Carrickfergus has already started to see the benefits of that increased provision through two schemes the Member may already be aware of.

Last year Oaklee Housing Association (now called Oaklee Homes) completed an 18 unit scheme for people with learning difficulties at Ellis Street, Carrickfergus. That same year, Fold Housing commenced work on a 12 unit general needs development at Edenvale Avenue which is due to complete in the Autumn of this year.

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